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Catherine To

Exceptional Integrations

Catherine To


Partner at Exceptional Integrations

Executive VP, Sales and Marketing at Polar Shades Inc.


First generation Asian-American, born and raised in Los Angeles, she found herself fascinated by technology from her very first beeper. From taking them apart, rigging them into different lighting features to creating her own unique beeper “ring tones” and later making her very own “flip phone” out of a Motorola brick phone, she always had a love for technology.

Moving to Las Vegas in 2005, she dedicated all her time working with her best friend and partner to build and grow what is now one of the largest and only few remaining window covering manufacturers left in America, Polar Shades, Inc. here in Las Vegas.  If you’ve stayed in a hotel or house in Las Vegas, chances are you’ve seen or operated a Polar Shade.

Since motorized window coverings and exterior shades play a small part in a custom home’s automated system, it was only a matter of time she met and worked with almost every AV integrator in town. She partnered with 2 of the best in the biz and Exceptional Integrations was founded.

You will rarely find a luxury home without a complete home automation system with the latest and greatest in technology. Being part of “the Nerd Herd” as her clients refer to Exceptional Integrations, she works with her team and the homeowners to create custom dream homes you have to see to believe.  From personal bowling alleys, monster man caves to home theaters that will make normal movie theaters blush, her team does it all.  You can find her every year at CES running around playing with the coolest gadgets like a kid in a candy store.

People should never be afraid of new technology, but rather fascinated by them. Smart homes are only getting smarter and almost everything theses days can be integrated. The more you know about these things, the better you can sell them at top dollar.

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